From 12pm to 8am silence must be kept. We start asking for silence from 23:30.

  • Car traffic in the campsite is forbidden from 12pm to 8am. If you need to enter or leave the camping ground you mast park in the outside car park and walk in in absolute silence.
  • In order to respect everyone’s tranquillity and rest, please avoid screaming and keep the volume of TV’s and music down during day time.
  • The maximun number of people in a big pitch is six. Small pitches can accommodate three people.
  • Third parties and visitors that are not registered in the campsite are not allowed to come in. Request must be discussed at the reception desk.
  • Dogs must be always on a lead and accompanied. They are not allowed to bark or make a mess inside the premises. Dogs CANNOT do their business within the campsite. They will be walk exclusively on paved roads and never on the plots. Pets can not access the swimming pool area nor the toilet buildings.
  • Please respect our trees, plants, bathrooms, showers, sinks and common areas.
  • Our swimming pool is open from 10am to 8pm. Swimming caps are compulsory.
  • Please, close and tie properly the rubbish bags and discard them in the rubbish bins.
  • Water is potable. Fountains are exclusively to take water, please do not use them for washing.
  • Fires in the ground are prohibited. It is allowed to make barbecues at a high level respecting your neighbours.
  • It is not allowed to stick sharp objects on trees, dig trenches or move the soil.

Registration implies the acceptance and compliance of these terms.

Failure to fulfil these terms might be cause of expulsion.



  • Supermarket: 8:00-23:00
  • Bar: 8:00-23:00 (July and August 8:00-23:30)
  • Restaurant: 13:00-15:45 / 19:30-22:30